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Stoic Cardinal Virtues Logo Black and Gold Enamelled Pendant Necklace

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Chain Length: 18 inches
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Keep the Four Virtues of Stoicism close to you with our minimalist black and gold necklace. It is a reminder to embody Wisdom, Courage, Justice and Temperance in everything that you do.

The pendant contains symbolism with regards to each of the virtues and captures all aspects of them in both image and letter form. The necklace itself has been gold plated and enamelled in black by hand.


The Cardinal Virtues are considered to be the four pillars of the philosophy of Stoicism and according to the Stoics, their understanding and embodiment is essential to living a meaningful life. If you can embody the four virtues in everyday living, then everything else will fall into place.

The Cardinal Virtues of Stoicism are: Wisdom, Courage, Justice and Temperance. No virtue is more important than the other and many Stoics believed that to represent one is to represent them all as they are all so closely interlinked and interdependent. A brief description of each would be:

WISDOM: to prioritise understanding, not just learning. True wisdom can only arise from action and experience.

COURAGE: to be able to act in the face of fear, not necessarily the absence of it. Courage is required in every area of life, not just in the big tasks.

JUSTICE: to act for the benefit of others. To be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves, whether they be our fellow humans, animals or the environment we share.

TEMPERANCE: to exert and practise self-control, balance and moderation. This involves learning to appreciate what you have, rather than constantly seeking what you don’t have.


Front of the pendant: Features our trademarked Cardinal Virtues logo design. The owl represents Wisdom, the lion represents Courage, the scales represent Justice and the lotus flower represents Temperance.

Back of the pendant: Features a plain gold plated background which has been sandblasted in the production process.


The pendant is 20mm in diameter and is 2mm thick. The pendant is made of brass which has then been polished and gold plated.

After this, the pendant has then been enamelled and hand painted in black with details added. A layer of clear resin has been applied to both sides to encase the paint for protection.

The gold plated chains consist of a base metal that have been gold plated. The chains are delicate but strong.

These pendants aren't suitable for wearing in the shower or for swimming as the moisture/chemicals can damage the plating and resin.

All pendants come secured and well-packaged and include a black necklace box as per the image.

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Stoic Cardinal Virtues Logo Black and Gold Enamelled Pendant Necklace

Regular price £49.50 GBP
Regular price Sale price £49.50 GBP