Embody Your Philosophy


Carry, wear and be reminded of the wisdom of the Stoics, wherever you are.


Carry, wear and be reminded of the wisdom of the Stoics, wherever you are.

"Philosophy is most effective when you can see it"

In the midst of the trials, tribulations and unpredictably of everyday life, it is easy to forget all of the practical philosophy that you read about in the mornings and evenings.

"Physical Stoic Reminders"


And with this realisation, Stoic Store UK was born. Each product is designed to be a physical reminder of some aspect or teaching of Stoicism that you can keep as an anchor for when the seas get stormy.

"Embody Your Philosophy"


All of our products have been created for everyday use and are designed to be noticed as much as possible. They are your portable mental reset for whenever life starts to get away from you.

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More than 2000 satisfied customers who are now reminded of the Stoic philosophy in their everyday lives.

“I bought these as a birthday gift for my significant other who is interested in everything philosophy and stoicism. He seems to really enjoy these and reads one every morning before he goes to work.
Thank you!”

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— kethrvvalis

“The quality is exquisite and these coins exceeded my expectation. I’m going to pick one random each day and focus on that inspirational quote as a teaching/meditation point”

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— Suzanne

“Great quality! Cards are shiny and sturdy. I love the multiple uses of this deck, food for thought, journaling prompts and overall learning.
Exceeded my expectations!”

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— Gus

“These coins are awesome, Now I want to collect all of them. Great customer service, I contacted the seller with a number of questions prior to placing my order and I received a response in a timely manner.
I’ll definitely buy again”

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— Jessy

“Everything arrived in order. The seller is courteous and communicated promptly answering questions that I had!

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— Gakii

“the cards come in a dinky package and are just what I was looking for. I can fit them in my pocket. they have a lovely shiny satin look and the info on the cards is just right for my spiritual and personal development practice. quick delivery in a secure envelopment. very happy with my cards.”

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— lisa

“Bought the Amor Fati coins and they’re exactly what I was hoping for. A reminder to love my fate in my pocket! I’m sharing with dear friends too.
Thank you for the excellent quality and fast shipping!”

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— Eva

“This piece was honestly so beautiful. My brother and I bonded over stoicism right before he got into a very serious car accident that shook him and our whole family up. I gave him this gift for his birthday and he deeply treasures it.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful necklace!”

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— Melissa Melottey

“Love the momento Mori ring, and the coins are a high quality reminder to remember to be my best self and to embrace reality rather than rejecting it, even if it’s unpleasant at the time.”

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— James

“I love, love, love this ring. very beautifully made and durable. i have to constantly wash my hands at my job, so I was worried about the engraving, but it has stayed prestine.”

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— Mary


To remember you must die is to remember that first, you must live fully.