Amor Fati Text Ring

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One of Stoicism's most well-known and widely applicable tenets is Amor Fati. Amor Fati, which translates to "Love Your Fate," is a potent reminder that life and most things that happen to us are completely beyond our control. How we react to the things that happen though is within our control.

The message behind the Stoic philosophy and Amor Fati is to not just love the positives but to love and embrace the negatives too. Without the ‘bad’ we can’t truly appreciate the ‘good’ anyway. Amor Fati and the meaning behind this ring are intended to guide you there, one step at a time. Philosophy is best remembered when you can carry it with you in physical form, and that is why we created this Stoic ring.

Amor Fati Text Ring

This Amor Fati ring is your every day reminder to embrace all of life's challenges. 'Amor Fati' is one of the most popular concepts in the philosophy of Stoicism. Translated from Latin as "Love of Fate", it is so simple and yet so effective in helping us align with whatever is happening in any given moment.

Any and all of our psychological suffering comes from rejecting what is present and/or seeking what is not present. In other words, wanting something other than what we have - the antithesis of Amor Fati.

If we can fully understand and integrate this concept into our life, it can become the very end of our day-to-day suffering. Such is the power of this Stoic concept, represented on our black stainless steel band ring.

AMOR FATI DESIGN: This Stoic ring features the Stoic Store UK Amor Fati Wrapped Text design. The design is simple yet effective at reminding you of the value and symbolism of Amor Fati. This concept also ties closely with the Stoic concept of Memento Mori (or Momento Mori).

SYMBOLISM: The flame that encloses the words ‘Amor Fati’ on both sides is derived from one of the most famous Stoic quotes. The Stoic emperor Marcus Aurelius once said that “A blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.” It is our challenge to be that blazing fire for ourselves and for others.

PORTABLE MENTAL RESET: The ring is designed to be your portable mental reset for whenever life seems to be getting away from you. The next time you face resistance to a challenge that you are confronted with, turn to the message contained in this ring for inner peace and strength.

SPECIFICATIONS: The ring is made from stainless steel and has a width of 8mm. The edges are glossier in colour whereas the middle band of the ring is matte black. This is where the words "Amor Fati" and the flame symbols have been laser-engraved.


The ring is designed to be a permanent, physical reminder of the wisdom of Stoicism that you can wear on you at all times. It is a subtle yet powerful personal piece of jewellery that will keep mortality at the front of your mind.


This ring is designed for anyone that truly wants to get the most of their life. Whether you are an experienced Stoic or it is the first time that you have heard of this philosophy.

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Amor Fati Text Ring

Regular price £24.99 GBP
Regular price Sale price £24.99 GBP